Cruise Job Lounge

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IInformation for exhibitors

Why do we host Cruise Job Lounge and what to expect from the day?

The answer is simple:

  • A personal conversation and a first impression often makes the difference.
  • Many interesting employers attract qualified and experienced employees.
  • We offer a fantastic platform for your company presentation and for extensive networking.
  • Great exchanges of ideas and experiences with other representatives of the industry will be held.


Which applicants and interested parties will be on site?

  • Applicants for all positions in the classic cruise business – from beginners to top managers
  • People coming from a different professional background with high levels of commitment and enthusiasm – looking for a challenge


Why participate in Cruise Job Lounge?

  • We specialise in the cruise industry and hire qualified catering and hospitality .
  • We are well established in professional circles and with applicants – numerous renowned shipping companies and hotels worldwide have been relying on our service for 19 years.
  • Our team consists of competent specialists with years of shipping, international and/or tourism experience.
  • We have an extensive database of applicants and are able to respond to short-term inquiries efficiently.
  • We have built a large international network of partners in shipping, hospitality, training and education centres.

At our job fairs we welcome hundreds of applicants from all different areas and departments, who appreciate the day for personal introduction and a face-to-face interviews.

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