Application process

We are looking forward to your application documents presenting your profile to us and your future employer. (Tips: Application).

After submitting your documents, please give us a few days to process them. We try to answer as soon as possible. If our answer takes a little longer, please do not hesitate to ask by mail.

In the first step, you will receive an application form which you should fill out and return to us. In the next step we like to discuss your wishes and ideas as well as the further procedure with you during a short telephone or Skype interview.

Your application will be treated confidentially in our house, which means that we will not pass it on to potential employers until you have given us your consent.

Due to the different requests and requirements of cruise lines and also on your part (e. g. notice period), it is not possible for us to give a concrete statement about how long a successful placement will take.

We would like to stay in touch with you and will contact you regularly for new offers. Please keep in contact with us, inform us – preferably by mail – if something has changed or if you have accepted a job offer. Of course, we are always available for your questions.