Living and working on board

Cruise passengers expect excellent service in all departments, excellent food and drinks around the clock and, above all, a friendly and professional staff on board which will ultimately make their stay a truly memorable experience.

During your first ship experience you can expect a lot of new things. Working hours are longer than usual and the space for privacy is limited. Depending on your position, you may share a cabin with one or two colleagues.

On the other hand, you have a very interesting and incredibly varied workplace that will allow you to travel around the world. You will work with many different people from various countries and cultures and will make everlasting friendships all around the world.

Thanks to variable structures and hierarchies, the opportunities for professional advancement are enormous. Due to the limited contract length (about 4 to 6 months), aboard a ship or within the cruise company there are often new opportunities to develop, get to know other positions and increase income.

On first glance, earning seems lower than on land. But with tips, bonuses and commissions as well as free accommodation and food on board, you have the opportunity to earn and save a lot of money, as you have virtually no expenses.

In most cases, the travel costs to join the vessel has to be paid out of the own pocket. Some cruise lines advance their staff the costs and request a deposit on board. Almost always, the employer pays the return journey costs at the end of the contract. In some cases, the travel costs are refunded directly or at the beginning of another contract.

As personal and professional requirements, you should be very flexible, motivated, team-oriented and open for new challenges and experiences. You  should have good education and proven working experiences. You should be able to use new experiences combined with your professional background and knowledge in daily life on board. Good to excellent knowledge of English is a must, any additional language would be considered a plus.

Before joining a cruise ship, there are ussually a lot of unavoidable preparations (partly at your expense), e.g. visas, vaccinations and extensive medical examinations by your local doctor and some specialists. You will also need a passport, valid for a minimum of 12 more months.

We will provide detailed information about what you need, where you can request it and what to pay attention to. We are happy to assist you with all preparations and are always there for you.