You need a passport that is valid for at least 12 months at the time of entry. For routes calling at US ports, you will need a C1/D visa, which can be obtained from the US Embassy in your home country.

Contract persiod?

Usually between 4-6 months in the ocean cruise sector. In the river cruise sector you will be issued a seasonal contract, usually from March to November.

Working hours?

Usually the working hours are 10-12 hours per day on 7 days a week.

STCW certification?

STCW stands for “Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers”.
The international convention regulates standards for seafarers. An STCW certificate is the qualification to work on board a ship.

All crew members who work in the service area of a passenger ship or cruise ship must have a recognised basic training for service on passenger ships. This includes at least:

A-V/2 (1) Crowd management
A-V/2 (2) Passenger safety training
A-VI/1 (2.1.1) Personal survival techniques
A-VI/1 (2.1.2) Fire prevention and fire fighting
A-VI/1 (2.1.3) Basic principles of first aid
A-VI/1 (2.1.4) Personal security and social responsibility
A-VI/6 (4, 6) Basic knowledge of ship security

All persons assigned a safety role on board, masters, nautical and technical officers, engineers, or those subject to the ship’s crew certificate, have a high level of responsibility towards a large number of people, significant material assets and the environment. They have to complete further courses, including the Crowd and Crisis Management – full course, which is an additional requirement:

A-V/2 (3) Crisis Management and Human Behavior
A-V/2 (4) Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull resistance

The courses are offered by S.T.A.R. Maritime in Rostock.

Health requirements?
After receiving the job offer, you’ll have to undergo a medical examination. Some cruise lines also require special vaccinations (e.g. yellow fever vaccination).
Health insurance?

Yes, cruise lines are obliged to do so.

Arrival and departure costs?
Usually these are paid by the cruise lines.
Room and board?

Are free of charge.

Accommodation varies from company to company and depends on the position on board.

Uniforms are usually provided.